The Top 5 sights in Rome

Rome is a city with over 2000 years of history, an abundance culture, great food, countless bars and restaurants and beautiful sunshine. Rome receives millions of visitors each year, each of them visiting for a few days at a time, in order to take in the atmosphere of this beautiful city. Really you could spend a lifetime in Rome and still not manage to see all of it, but here below we have picked out our top 5 Rome sights that are a must see when in Rome:

1) Colosseum
This impressive structure was first commissioned in 72AD by Emperor Vespasian. After his death, his son then completed it in 80AD with later improvements by Domitian. The Colosseum could hold up to 80,000 spectators and was used for public spectacles such as re-enactments of famous battles and more famously gladiatorial contests. Today the Colosseum receives thousands of visitors every day and still excudes an imposing presence. Visit the colosseum and be a part of the history of this great theatre.

2) Vatican Museum & St Peters Basilica
The Vatican Museums hold some of the worlds most impressive works of art, none more famous than Michelangelo's 'The Last Judgement' in the Sistine Chapel. Other amazing areas such as the Raffael rooms and the Gallery of the Tapestries as well as the beautiful Vatican Gardens make a visit to the Vatican a must do when in Rome. The Vatican city was built over the tomb of St Peter and this sovereign state is the residence of the Pope.

3) Trevi Fountain
Pope Clement XII chose Nicola Salvi to sculpt the Trevi Fountain in 1732. It was then completed by Giuseppe Pannini in 1762. It is an amazing fountain, big in size and statue. The fountain provided the unforgettable back-drop for the well-known scene from the classic film 'La Dolce Vita'. Any trip to Rome has to include a visit here and don't forget to follow tradition and through a coin over your shoulder into the fountain to ensure you return to Rome again one day.

4) Spanish Steps
Located at Piazza di Spagna and with 135 steps the Spanish Steps are a great place to take a load off an soak up the spirit of Rome. In the piazza at the bottom of the Spanish Steps is the 17th century Fontana della Barcaccia. In the piazza is the house where English poet John Keats lived and died in 1821. It is now a museum dedicated to his memory. Grab a foccacia for lunch and sit here and watch the world go by for a few minutes next time you are in Rome.

5) Pantheon
Commissioned by Marcus Agrippa during the reign of Augustus (27 BC - 14 AD) and rebuilt by the emperor Hadrian circa 126 AD, the Pantheon is an important momument located in the heart of Rome. Entry into the Patheon is free and on entrance you will see what makes this building unique; the dome on top of the construction has a large round opening in it which makes for an interesting sight when the rain falls inside the Pantheon (which is a rare occurrence).

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